7 Foods High in Vitamin C

7 Foods High in Vitamin C

Feb 01, 2022Ciara Toolan

It’s that time of year again (ignoring the past 22 months and the C word) where we reach for Vitamin C rich foods, juices & supplements again. Important for boosting the immune system, healing, creating collagen and supporting in Iron absorption, along with helping our bodies repair and recover after a workout – it’s a pretty important nutrient to have around.

So we thought we would help you out with some food sources rich in Vitamin C, without grabbing an orange.


Small BUT packed with Vitamin C – at 105mg per 100g, a kiwi a day….


Yup, a vegetable. Whilst Vitamin C is normally associated with fruit, we’re here to change the narrative with this one. 120mg per 100g with only 50 calories for 100g – Kale definitely deserved the superfood title back in 2015.


Are we allowed to say broccoli is the king of veg? High in fibre AND vitamin C at 93mg per 100g – that’s well on its way to your RDA.


Higher in vitamin C than the commonly thought of orange – Pineapple sits at 47.8mg per 100g and are a solid option year round!


Once described by Jamie Oliver as a useless fruit on its own, we disagree. 58g of Vitamin C, why not throw some in your next smoothie.


Fruit or veg? Who cares, we’re here for the 38mg of Vitamin C with the added bonus of water and fibre. Tomatoes can be whatever they want to be.


Peppers lose vitamin C content as they age – so for the purposes of the article, we’re sticking with the yellow bell pepper and a whopping 159mg of Vitamin C per 100g – its our winner today!!

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